I am a writer and Zoology graduate with a wealth of experience in publications. I currently work for the Chelsea Magazine Company as Deputy Editor for Artists & Illustrators. My previous roles within the company included working across The English Garden, The English Home and Sailing Today.

I have worked extensively in both print and digital media, creating content strategies inspired by extensive consideration of analytics and target markets. I am well-versed in commissioning, editing and writing quality content, ensuring all work adheres to the brand’s values. I have been responsible for initiating many successful online content series and have communicated efficiently with our advertising team to maximise the monetisation of such endeavours.

I consider myself to be a very social person who works well as part of a team but whom also has the drive to thrive independently. I pride myself in my ability to make people laugh and am always up to date on the latest Netflix fad, meaning my printer chat is top drawer. In my spare time I write for TimeOut and am currently contributing towards a book on extreme wildlife with Future publishing as well as working on my first novel.

Having studied Zoology at the University of Southampton, I am fiercely passionate about wildlife and conservation. I have built up a vast network of industry contacts to assist me with my freelance features relating to travel and conservation. The perils of a desk job mean I greatly value my time outdoors and am a keen traveller and hiker, capturing wildlife photography along the way. (Instagram @rh.films)

In my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a variety of titles including Artists & Illustrators, The English GardenThe English Home, TimeOut, Sailing Today, World of AnimalsPlaybuzzMy Beauty Matches, Stay Wild Swim and FRUK.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here.