Wildlife Photography & Film Making

In my spare time I greatly enjoy improving upon my wildlife photography. I'm fascinated by the process of sourcing a location, identifying where an animal is most likely to be found based on their behaviours and, of course, the satisfaction of capturing the perfect shot. 

While I am still perfecting my photography skills, I feel the process of taking these pictures has given me a wealth of theoretical knowledge that spans beyond my physical talent. I understand the process involved in organising shoots both in the UK and abroad, and am aware of the many things that must be taken into consideration when performing a cost benefit analysis of a potential story or location. Spider monkeys exhibit many novel and exciting behaviours that have never been caught on camera before, yet they are infamously difficult to capture on film owing to their height in the canopy and the infrequency of these behaviours. When considering the budgets it's important to understand that whilst a species might have an exciting story to tell, it's of little worth if it's going to incur enormous costs for merely a glimpse of the creature.

I have a wealth of knowledge about the different types of cameras needed to capture film and photography in varying conditions, be it low lighting, turbulent seas or the need for an aerial approach. I like to keep up to date with the latest technologies in wildlife film making as the ingenuity of the latest designs never ceases to amaze me. I have read both Wildlife Film-making books by Piers Warren and feel this has given me a realistic understanding of the opportunities and difficulties that come wildlife filming, and how this is changing as technology develops. 

I have experience in setting up and capturing footage both abroad and in the UK and have taken active roles in researching and organising shoots, creating story boards to create a salient story. 

To see my full photography collection you can visit my Instagram here, or view a few highlights just below. All images used on this website are my own.