Following the first airing of Blue Planet, at the age of 10 I became acutely fascinated by the natural world. Ten years later, following many zoo trips, aquarium visits and forced family lectures (performed by yours truly) I began a Zoology degree at the University of Southampton. During my time here, I was fortunate enough to attend a research field trip in Andalusia and to carry out my own six-week project in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. Here, I was able to hone my photography skills and write up research on the feeding patterns of Howler, Squirrel and Tamarin monkeys. I also helped to organise and direct short videos of the local wildlife for Operation Wallacea and visiting school groups.

I feel my true talent lies in my ability to identify stories relating to the natural world and relay them to experts and lay people alike in a way which is accessible, informative and entertaining. I am highly skilled in recognising the archetypal reader/viewer of a brand and adapting my tone and style to fulfil the needs of both parties.

I have written various articles for The English Garden both in print and online, more of which you can discover here.

I have also been published in World of Animals magazine writing features on the sarcastic fringehead, Asiatic lions and pink river dolphins

I was fortunate enough to interview Jan Beccaloni, Curator of Arachnida at the Natural History Museum, London, on behalf of TimeOut. The article featured in the February 06.01.18 print magazine and can be found online here

You can see further examples of my writing on my personal blog, Small But Mighty, which takes a look at some of the most potent and fierce members of the animal kingdom who prove that size isn't everything. 

I have recently founded the Good News Goat, an online publication which I will be using to share positive news stories surrounding wildlife and the natural world in the hope of bringing readers some light relief in these difficult times. The website is currently undergoing construction but I am managing a number of contributors to ensure the site has a wealth of quality content by its official launch later this year.

 To see examples of my work surrounding horticulture, click here.

Below you can find examples of my wildlife photography. To see my full collection, click here.