The English Garden

In April 2016 I joined the Chelsea Magazine company as Editorial Assistant for The English Garden. After my first year, following enormous growth in traffic to our digital content, I was promoted to Online Editor and Editorial Assistant for The English Garden, as well as Online Editor for The English Home. I have since been promoted to the role of Deputy Editor for Aritsts & Illustrators, but maintain an interest in wildlife and horticulture.

During my time with the magazine, I was responsible in sourcing regular features for print as well as identifying and commissioning future projects and themes for both print and online.

I also successfully launched The English Gardener newsletter series, which provides monthly recipes and guides to making the most of the growing season. We have an established Facebook group where readers share their growing advice, progress and relevant stories.

I have also overseen the website redesign, ensuring content was accessible and relevant to the varying interests of our broad demographic.

You can visit The English Garden's website here, or click below to see examples of my writing:
- How to get rid of leatherjackets
- Plan your vegetable garden
- Why aren’t my pumpkin plants producing fruit?
- How to get rid of slugs

 Some examples of my print features: