Dans le Noir

Pitch Black meets Master Chef.

The ideal restaurant for those seeking a surprise, Dans Le Noir is a dining sensation that is a must-try for the gastronomically adventurous. The restaurant, situated in the Clerkenwell area, is hosted by entirely blind guides waiting to lead you through an evening of delicious discovery. Before you’ve tasted a bite you’ll be amazed as they lead you, without fault, through the pitch black to your table. The idea?  By removing visual distractions (such as that person two tables along who won’t stop eating with their mouth open) the restaurant aims to expand your mind and open your taste buds as you dine in a truly unique environment. But be warned, to maintain the total darkness light emitting belongings are not permitted and must be left in a locker before entering. That means if you’re irreversibly glued to your iPhone it's bad news, the hand is coming off.

With a variety of menus catered to carnivores, vegetarians, seafood lovers and those who just want a surprise, there won’t be a disappointed palate in the house. You can put your taste buds to the test by trying to work out what herbs, spices or meats the dishes contain, or even just if you’re eating from your own plate.